Visa Options

Visa options

Do you know the Australian Visa options?

Are you a good candidate to obtain an Australian visa?

There are over 130 different type of visa options available for people wishing to enter Australia. Which visa suites you best will depend upon your circumstances.

Etienne Migration Services can assist you with a range of visa applications that may be suitable to you:

Visitor Visas

If you intend to visit Australia for holidays, recreation or visiting family and friends then a Visitor Visa will be the best visa for you

Student Visas

If you are an international student wishing to study in Australia and then stay in Australia after your study is completed, there are a number of temporary and permanent visa options available. For further information about studying in Australia take a look at the official government website for international students. Study Australia

Corporate Immigration Services

If you are a business owner or HR professional who wish to sponsor skilled employees to work in your business or attend conferences and events in Australia. An employer needs to be approved by the Department and meet certain sponsorship obligations before being able to sponsor workers.

Entrepreneur Visa

The Entrepreneur Visa Stream was launched in September 2016. This visa is part of the Business Innovation and Investment visa programme. If you are interested in applying for this type of visa you will need to submit and Expression of Interest and be sponsored by a State or Territory government. Holders of and Entrepreneur Visa can progress to to permanent residency after four years. Visa holders must meet a measure of success set out by the Department.

Visa Options for Business Migration

There are a number of visas available for business and investment purposes that you can obtain a visa to facilitate this and you may then qualify for permanent residency once your business interests have been established in Australia.

Working Holiday

For people outside Australia aged between 18 and 30 years of age, who are interested in a working holiday for up to 1 year and for eligible people in Australia who are interested in a second working holiday visa.

Skilled Workers

If you work as a professional, manager or tradesperson you may be eligible for general skilled migration to Australia

Partner Visa

For an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who wish to sponsor their partner to live in Australia.